So you've set up online assessments......but nobody has booked in....should you panic?

By Malcolm | 26th March 2020 | Advice

sports-injury-fix-blog-no-online-bookings-frustrated-button-laptopSo the world has changed significantly.

You have had to scramble to change to fit into this new world, and its been tough.

You have up-skilled at super quick speed and are (or really should be!) proud of how you have responded as a therapist and as a business.

The online consultation is ready to go, maybe online group sessions are also ready to go.

You’ve emailed clients…You’ve advertised online and across social media…

Now you are sitting by the phone or laptop, waiting….

Surely they will book?


Now the panic and stress kick in…..

Why isn’t it working?

Do I need to push it more?

Have I done something wrong?

Well, first off, let's acknowledge one fact: the marketing rule book has been totally ripped up!

There are no set rules here.

But, there are some simple things to consider:

1.       These are changing times for EVERYONE

Just as we have had to change, so have our patients. Are they now working from home? Are they business owners worried about staff and premises?

Are they self-employed and have cash restrictions?, do they have vulnerable relatives to worry about? Are they essential workers?

Whatever the reason, people have different priorities, regular maintenance and care or injuries may have suddenly lost priority (particularly in the short term).

We have to be patient, we know behaviour change is hard (and slow) – think how hard it is during “normal” times to instigate this, suddenly we are asking people to do the same at a crazy period of their lives.

2.       Am I offering help or am I sounding like a business scrambling for survival?

This is not meant as a criticism, but a little bit of self-reflection on the wording, messaging, frequency of your contact and advertising may identify that money and business worries may be seeping into the genuine message of trying to provide ongoing help.

Don’t sound like a therapist or business who is fighting for survival and desperate to generate revenue (even though most of us are!)

3.       Do your patients need help to understand it?

 We now understand how telehealth works, but simply telling people that we are doing it may not be enough.

Have you considered offering a call to discuss how it works or even a free, no-obligation trial?

4.       Are you offering a range of options?

The ultimate decision-maker in how to provide telehealth care is convenience and simplicity.

Nothing is simpler than using something that the patient is already comfortable with.

Do they already use a particular platform that they know, like and trust?

Setting up a number of options will help your patients take up the option.

5.       Be patient

The world is changing at such a speed its easy to forget that the world was very different just a week ago.

What can feel like forever since closing the clinic doors, is, in essence last week.

Plant the seed and be patient for people to start seeing it grow.

6.       Know your target audience

What who is it that you are trying to help?

Are you targeting the right people and the right audience to achieve this? Don’t change your fundamental message.

Changing the WAY you operate your business is fundamentally different to WHAT your business is.


Hopefully, this short blog helps stimulate some thoughts on promoting the use of telehealth care.

As always, please feel free to book a free consultation call to discuss how we can help you get set up and make it successful.

Please stay safe and stay well.

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