7 essential tips for successful re-opening

By Malcolm Sloan | 24th February 2021 | General

12th April in England, or shortly after that in the other home nations, is the magic date to allow many therapy businesses to re-open which is welcome news.

It's been a tough time but whatever your situation there are some simple things you can do to help ensure a successful re-opening.

They're based on actions we've seen hundreds of therapy businesses take so we hope you find them useful.

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  1. Don’t wait to communicate. Now a date has been released clients will have questions. Being proactive builds trust. Updates showing the preparation steps you are taking for safety provide great interest pieces and reassurance. Even an email as little as once a fortnight will suffice to build and maintain interest.
  2. Truly client focussed comms. Just because you are happy about re-opening doesn’t mean all of your clients will be. Asking your audience who is/isn’t comfortable with face to face visits allows you to tailor your communication to each side accordingly to maximise the chances of it being helpful.
  3. Double Check. Re-read the guidance and guidelines. Run through your safety protocols. Ensure you have trusted sources for your information such as your association guidance and be prepared that further changes may happen such as delays and what would that mean to you.
  4. It's ok to be nervous. Feeling unsure or lacking confidence is to be expected. It is an uncertain time and clients are also feeling unsure and uncertain too. You are not alone if you feel like this and there are many avenues of support via peers, associations etc.
  5. Make a plan. Those with a business plan are 50% more likely to succeed and it only needs to be a page. Things have changed a lot and further change is inevitable so give yourself the best possible chance to succeed. You have time before April and can access guidance and a template here on Therapist Learning. 
  6. Review the customer journey. Walking through the journey a client and assessing each stage can be really powerful to make it simple, clear and safe. Covid is not going away and businesses not adapting to reduce the risk, such as minimising paper, or embracing the change in demand for online options will struggle. Even if you are a technophobe this can be done simply with your hand held at every stage. 
  7. Put in place time saving processes while you can. With the pent up demand time will quickly become a very precious commodity. Most therapists can easily save 30-60 mins a day by automating some or all of forms, electronic notes, bookings, notifications, reminders, payments and/or consent. This can be done so you still retain control and the personal touch. 

 To help you with all of this there are three time limited offers available:

  1. A free 30 minutes consultation to help you feel confident you've taken the right steps to maximise your chances of success re-opening. Pick a time here.
  2. Free practical business webinars and much more clinical and non clinical learning. Start a free trial of TherapistLearning.com. 
  3. Free software for online booking/notes/forms/automations for three months with hand held support to help you get set up and thrive. Either start your free trial now or book a demo. 

We'd love to hear how you get on. 

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